Read me! (Dashboard User Testing)

It’s been under development for over 2 years – hard to believe, I know… but the Dashboard V2.0 is now being BETA tested by a very small handful of very lovely people.

If you’re reading this – you’re one of those people, so firstly… THANK YOU!

For us all to keep up with the fast pace of web and digital marketing, we’ve re-built the Lingo customer dashboard to allow greater functionality and faster, more manageable communication.

You’ll still be able to check the live status of your website hosting and to renew your domain names, but now you’ll also be able to raise and track support tickets and, if you’re a contract customer, you’ll benefit from faster response times by using these tickets.

You’ll also be able to order such exciting products as back ups and security upgrades via the ‘shop’ section, manage maintenance issues, (such as plug in or platform upgrades) and, eventually get reports on performance and important elements of your site.

We want your site to work harder for you, and we also want to cut down on admin to be more efficient – and the Lingo dashboard will help make that a reality. User testing is essential for development of the dashboard, so a handful of our lucky and lovely clients and friends have been chosen to help get to the next stage.

Ok, we know there’s still a long way to go, the interface is still a little confusing and there’s not a lot of design going on YET – but we wanted to test a few things first – get some support tickets going through the system and get feedback from you.

More dashboard data will be added soon, links to useful resources, tools online and other glorious gems that we want you (and only you) to benefit from. So, what do you think? What do you like, what’s missing, what’s confusing and what rocks?

That’s all for now apart from to say another massive thank you for being a lingo dashboard test user, big ups Liz, Robert and Vicki for all their hard work and, we look forward to receiving your feedback, tickets, orders or queries!

The Lingo Team